Vaughn Wiester’s Famous Jazz Orchestra Every Monday Night

Every Monday night in Columbus, big band and jazz orchestra fans are treated to an evening of swingin’ good music by local jazz legend, Vaughn Wiester and his “Famous” Jazz Orchestra. Vaughn is a Columbus jazz staple having been playing jazz in the city since 1968, when he attended the Ohio State University. Check out this 21 piece jazz orchestra every Monday night at the Columbus Maennerchor in German Village. Shows start at 7:30pm.

Columbus Maennerchor
966 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43206
Phone: 614.444.3531

More About Vaughn Wiester & the Famous Jazz Orchestra

The Famous Jazz Orchestra takes it place as one of the recent “Young Blood” big bands on the Columbus scene, and boasts a roster of some of the brightest and best players the community has to offer.

Sporting a 12-piece brass section (including french horns and tuba), the orchestra’s repertoire is selected from the post-bop libraries of Woody Herman, Count Basie, Stan Kenton, and others.

Vaughn Wiester, director, brings a lifetime of experience to his performances, including theCapital University Orchestra, Dave Workman Blues Band, Terry Waldo Ragtime Orchestra, and the Woody Herman Orchestra. His passion is to study the music of great composers and arrangers, and to present that music at every opportunity.

In 1972 he became a member of the Jazz Arts Group led by Ray Eubanks. Wiester was invited to join the Woody Herman orchestra in 1974.

After two years on the road with Herman, Vaughn returned to Columbus to accept a position at the Dave Wheeler Contemporary Music Workshop and to resume his activities with the Jazz Arts Group as a bass trombonist and arranger.

In 1977, Wiester was invited to join the faculty at Capital University as part of their pioneering Jazz Studies degree program. Throughout this 17-year association, he taught courses in jazz arranging and jazz history aid directed the prize-winning Big Band Sound Big Band.

In 1980 Wiester joind the Terry Waldo Ragtime Orchestra.

Wiester’s arrangements can be heard on recordings by Woody Herman, Waldo’s Ragtime Orchestra, the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, and the Keith Henson Octet.

In 1992 Wiester was inducted as an honorary member of the national music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha.


  1. Are these jazz sessions continuous all year long. What is the cost for admission?

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