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Jazz Venues

Jazz Clubs, Jazz Bars, and Venues that support Live Jazz in Columbus

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There are a number of different clubs, bars, restaurants, and venues that support live jazz in Columbus.  We have divided them up in a few different categories.

Venues that consistently feature live jazz:
Dick’s Den – Legendary jazz club in Columbus
Hyde Park Arlington – “The Best In Piano Trio Jazz For Over 30 Years”
Brothers Drake – Home of Jazz Wednesdays
Clintonville Woman’s Club – Vaughn Wiester’s Famous Jazz Orchestra every Monday
Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza and Live Music – Intimate room for local/touring jazz acts
The Refectory – Home of the Jazz Dinner Club
The Blue Velvet RoomBobby Floyd Trio on Sundays & more in the Snowden Gray Mansion

Jazz offered in a restaurant setting:
The 94th Aero Squadron
Black Point
Giuseppe’s Ritrovo
Lincoln Cafe
Local Roots
Third and Hollywood
The Top Steak House
Vittoria Ristorante

Clubs/Bars that offer jazz as part of their live music schedule:
Club Diversity
Park Street Tavern
Rumba Cafe
The Shrunken Head
Woodlands Tavern

Major Venues that host live jazz periodically:
King Arts Complex
Lincoln Theatre
McConnell Arts Center
Southern Theatre
Weigel Hall
Wexner Center

Venues that either closed or no longer offer live jazz:
The Idle-A-While Supper Club and Venue
1808 American Bistro
Big Room Bar
Bungalow Jazz
The KING Room
Worthington Inn
Ruby Tuesday (not the chain restaurant!)