Dick’s Den
2417 N High St
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Email address: theoneandonlydicksden(at)gmail.com
How to get there: Map
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A jazz institution in Columbus, Dick’s Den is one of the city’s main and longstanding jazz venues. In existence since the 1960’s, Dick’s Den provides live music at least 6 nights a week, primarily jazz.  This is where the regulars go in Columbus and most nights you will find local jazz musicians hanging out here until the bar closes around 2AM.  You can find great live jazz here any night of the week (except for a Bluegrass Jam every Tuesday night).

There’s nothing fancy about the bar, a mix of wood and plastic floors, bench style seating that has shown signs of wear and tear of the years of existence, cheap drinks, an old jukebox spinning classic jazz and blues records, and loads of pictures hanging on the walls of regulars taking part in the yearly Norwich Marathon (mix beer and shots and running and that’s what type of marathon I’m talking about).  It’s a cozy place, a fine mix of anyone and everyone, reminiscent of the legendary small jazz clubs of New York or Chicago but with a truly Columbus twist.

If you’re swinging through Columbus or live here and haven’t been to the bar, you’re missing out on a legendary live jazz venue, Columbus Ohio style!

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