Milo Elektric

617 East 3rd Ave.
Studio 102
Columbus, Ohio 43201
Website: Milo Elektric

Milo Elektric is a Milo Arts performance and exhibition space in the historic Milo School (now know as Milo Arts) in the Milo-Grogan neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. It has changing exhibitions and diverse entertainment, including jazz, from traditional to avant garde and experimental.

Milo Elektric frequently hosts shows of the Ice Box Music Series and has hosted shows promoted by Acme Art Company. In addition the space has been used for meetings, rehearsals, holiday parties, wedding receptions, baby showers, birthday parties, and even a meet-up.

Milo Elektric is the brainchild of four people who wish to increase accessibility, vibrancy, and joy in Milo-Grogan. Lisa Hill manages the unique performance and exhibition space and is always happy to answer questions or schedule you needs. Need a place to play, sing, meet, perform, or just have fun? Make contact with Milo Elektric.

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