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Rumba Cafe

Columbus Rumba Cafe

Rumba Cafe
2507 Summit St
Columbus, Ohio
Website: Rumba Cafe
How to get there: Map

The Rumba Café (not the Rhumba) has established itself as one of Columbus’s finest live music clubs in its first decade of business. They feature a healthy dose of jazz along with an assortment of alt country, funk, rock, and soul — often six nights a week. Regular favorites include the legendary Hoo Doo Soul Band, whose weekly Sunday night shows are known as a great hang for jazz musicians, and the Tony Monaco Trio.

The Rumba occasionally mixes it up during the week and weekend with early “matinée” shows starting at about 6pm and running until about 9pm. The late show starts an hour later and runs until 2am.

As Nick Chordas of the Columbus Dispatch put it, “The decor is eclectic and the atmosphere warm and inviting — not unlike a friendly local joint you wander into while on vacation.” Come in, kick back, and get away from it all.