NOTE: The Idle-A-While is currently closed, at least temporarily. This page will be updated if we receive new info.

The Idle-A-While Supper Club & Venue

6068 Channingway Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43232
Phone: (614) 868-5917

When confronted with the challenge of planning a evening out with his wife Maria, DeWayne Stokes faced a challenge on where to go; there was one place for cocktails, another for dinner, another for live music and still another for dancing. Combined with travel time and parking scarcity, the prospect of this evening was not what the couple had envisioned. So it was at that moment that DeWayne declared, “I know how to do this! Let’s make our own place with every aspect for the perfect evening under ONE roof!”

You see, DeWayne was raised in this business. The Stokes family has been a part of the Columbus hospitality scene for over 50 years. The Idle-A-While Bar (the family’s first venue) was established in 1966 in Columbus’ historic “Cradle of Jazz” – the neighborhood defined by Mt. Vernon Avenue and Long Street. It was a gathering place for folks from all walks of life and the venue hosted a variety musical acts, many of whom who went on to become local icons and nationally renowned stars.

A hidden gem is what you’ll find when you visit The Idle-A-While Supper Club & Venue. Our menu is sure to impress with a variety of chef-curated choice plates and premium flavors. Indulge in our wonderfully crafted house cocktails or choose your favorite mix from our fully loaded bar. As you enjoy your experience, your ears will pick up on the best sounds in town, straight from our Idle-A-While stage featuring performers near and far.

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