NOTE: The Troubadour Club became the Central Ohio Performing Arts Center in 2014, but is not currently offering live jazz. This page will be updated if the status of the center changes.

Troubadour Club of Columbus
Troubadour Club of Columbus

2997 E. 5th Avenue, Columbus Ohio – MAP

The Troubadour Club is unique and inviting. The decor is elegant, understated, and intimate.  The music consists of select and gifted jazz musicians who perform in an acoustically treated environment. Customers can comfortably converse and socialize while the musicians perform, yet when they wish to listen, the acoustics are excellent and the music is original and creative.

The Troubadour Club provides a relaxed, intelligent, and stimulating evening out, and quickly becomes a sanctuary and safe haven for music lovers, artists, and people who seek an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere in which they can relax, decompress, and socialize. In addition to the performance area, and bar, additional areas such as a full length dance floor, and bar are located on the first floor, a room for private functions, and patio have been, incorporated into the facility to add variety, interest, and additional enjoyment for the clientele.

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