UPDATE: Vonn Jazz closed in 2011.

Vonn Jazz Lounge
Vonn Jazz Lounge

Vonn Jazz Lounge

245 East Campus View Blvd.
Columbus, Ohio 43235
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The Vonn Jazz Lounge is one of the premier places and venues to experience live jazz music in Columbus, Ohio. Located just outside the 270 Interbelt (but still in Columbus) the Vonn Jazz Lounge provides an intimate and upscale feel to the jazz experience here in Columbus. The lounge is also a great restaurant and serves some of the best food in town with renowned chef’s from the Columbus area. The lounge’s red, black and white color scheme conveys an image of “retro chic” but still remains cozy for a romantic evening out on the town.  A wide range of clientele frequent the lounge from young professionals to fifty somethings out for a cocktail after dinner. Jazz music happens here every night of the week! A must visit for any local jazz fan.

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  1. We have visited Vonn’s on several occasions. The atmosphere and decor are fabulous. We have ran into difficulties with our meals not being consistent though. While listening to live music, the food adds a special touch that makes the evening memorable. Just allowing others to know before they spend quality money, on a not so quality meal.

  2. We go to Vonn all the time and I agree the ambiance and music are amazing.
    But I must disagree on the food it has always been incredable. There new Chef is awesome. This by far is my favorite place to go in Columbus.

  3. I have always enjoyed my visits to Vonn. It reminds me of places I use to hang out and listen to Jazz in New York City. When I go to Vonn I feel at home again. The music is true entertainment, and the decor is always amazing to look at, I at times notice something I may didn’t notice before with each visit.

  4. My night at Vonns was a wonderful night for me starting with atmosphere following with the opening act and ending with one of my favorite groups Kindred and the Family Soul. Thanks for a beautiful night

  5. Went to the Mint Condition concert this past Saturday, April 16, 2011, and the atmosphere, decor, and intimacy of the club was top-notch. BUT – our reservations were lost and the VIP tickets purchased were not refunded. My party was seated in preferred seating rather than VIP (as was purchased) with no restitution being offered. In addition, the steak was so tough it could hardly be cut. The couple behind my party had traveled from Dayton for the concert and had also been placed in preferred seating rather than in VIP section, as they had purchased. The ladies also seated in front of my party had purchased VIP tickets and were seated in the preferred section. So, BEWARE, when purchasing tickets for the “VIP” section — BEWARE when spending your money on a meal (pricey with limited selection, and poor quality) — and BEWARE if traveling from a distance in anticipation of front row seats at this club!

  6. Hello to all! I went to Vonn with my bff’s for my 40th birthday and it was a pleasant time for a Wednesday but I really was not impressed with the menu. I’m not sure who they are catering to but they need to get some items on there that people can relate to and it doesn’t have to be chicken and mozzerella sticks and it’s a bit to pricey for what they have to offer.

  7. I attended the Mint Condition concert with a friend that traveled from Cleveland. I purchased my tickets when they first went on sale. Although I didnt get a direct call to be notified the concert date was postponed. I was able to still get VIP on Saturday night that otherwise was going to be a Sunday 6p show. My date and I really enjoyed the performance and the personal attention the band gave to the audiance. The enthusiasum of the staff was also a nice touch. The audiance was packed in like sardines but it still remained very intimate. The $130. I spent on VIP was worth the concert but the $145. on dinner was not. The food was okay but it was definately overpriced along with the drinks. I also didnt understand why the bill explained the amount of a 10%,15%, and 20% tip yet the bill included, for a party of two a 22% tip. It was nice but next time my date and I agreed to sit at the bar and watch the performance and go to dinner at a 5 star and get a meal worth $145 for two.

  8. I love Vonn Jazz Lounge and would recommend it to anyone wanting elegance for the evening. I have been a patron since it had the only location in Worthington. But, now it has gotten too expensive to attend except on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. I had to find a cheaper location to enjoy a fun, relaxing evening with my spouse.

  9. I visited Vonn on several occassion and enjoyed myself very much, however, on my birthday July 31st of this year Singer Joe was suppose to be the guest and is my favorite singer in the world as far as R&B goes and was very disappointed that it was canceled due to low sales not only that, the way I found out about it was thur a friend of mines and not Vonn Jazz. Where was the advertisment for Joe it was not on the radio, Tv, etc I no Joe would and could pull in more sales then that, however we still attended that day enjoyed the music but again dissappointed for my birthday. I agreed with some of the of people the atmosphere is great the waiter and waistess are very freindly, but the food and drinks are pricey and the food menu needs to be motify a little at least include wings. But sstill Love Vonn and will continue to visit.

  10. Why are people trying to complain about food being to expensive and maybe they should serve wing dings. Well there is always winds and things down the street. I am glad the the food is priced where it is. If i want Rooster, then that is where you need to go. People get you act together. Quit being so Damm cheap. That is why the country looks at Columbus and Laughes. Get with the program or get out if you are not ready for Prime Time!!!

  11. Like this place. I Enjoy the live music but the menu is not too great. Won’t eat there again.

  12. I visited Vonn for the first time the friday before last. I was on a first date and it was the best date I. Have been on for 11 years! The atmosphere was awesome! The music was great! It was very romantic. I would recommend Vonn to everyone!

  13. Liked the place fine. The food we good but a little salty. Beer and drink costs were average. Atmosphere was nice for a date. The clubbers didn’t roll in until 10:00 or so. I enjoyed the experience up until I looked at the details. A gratuity was automatically added to the check with no warning nor notification that was the policy. I screwed up and tipped on top of the already generous gratuity added. It was just the two of us and we ate at the bar. My bad for not noticing. Their bad for not advising it was their policy to charge admission and automatically add a gratuity.

  14. I would like to know if conspiracy is going to be at Von Jazz anytime in the later part of January and before February 4th. I saw them in Novemeber and it was the best time I have ever had in my 50 years on this earth Please let me know

  15. I understand y folks complained about the food…it wasn’t QUALITY for the price & lacked variety. I actually ordered a slice of cheesecakes ($20 w/tip) and it was BURNT (bitter after taste)…how do u serve burnt cheesecake? Lelah H performed & was the main reason I stayed. But while she performed,over cooked food coming from the kitchen took over the whole venue…major mood changer. Vonn moving around all over the place was also a HUGE turnoff! I liked the place but it def needed some tweeking (updates to menu, seating & decor). Not surprised they’re closed

  16. I heard how nice Von Jazz was. I wanted to go and take some friends. I just saw a comment that it is closed. I were told that this place was the best place to go if you want dress-up and go out for the evening. I was so looking foward in going.

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