NOTE: Worthington Inn closed in January 2019.

Worthington Inn

Worthington Inn
649 High St.
Worthington, Ohio 43085
Website: Worthington Inn
How to get there: Map

In 1816, a gentleman from Connecticut named Rensselear W. Cowles came to Worthington, Ohio to seek his fortune. In 1835, Mr. Cowles constructed the oldest portion of the Inn as a private residence for himself and his wife. The land and building that he purchased for $250.00 is what has become The Worthington Inn.

Located in the heart of Worthington, Ohio, about 10 miles from downtown Columbus, the Worthington Inn provides live jazz on weekends and occasionally Thursday nights. While the jazz remains a little more reserved during dinner hours, the energy and excitement heats up after dinner when guests are moving over to the bar. You will experience excellent jazz performances here any weekend you choose to attend. Many people choose to stroll the picturesque streets of Worthington and then meander over to the Inn for a cocktail or two.

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