Vonn Jazz – Same Owners, Same Great Jazz

A few weeks ago the Yavonne from the Vonn Jazz Lounge announced that October 15th would be her last night as the owner of the club, with new owners taking over the next day. It was a sad day, but still optimistic, for many fans and musicians of the venue who have come to think of Vonn Jazz as “family” were preparing for a shift to new owners. Shortly after the announcement came word of Yavonne’s new venture “de-NOVO bistro & bar” located at 201 S High Street, directly across from the Columbus Commons. Just today, some great news was released via the Vonn Jazz Facebook page as the original owners will stay in tact…

..after a sneak peak this past weekend of seeing what it would be like to have someone other than myself and Wade run Vonn Jazz & Blues, we have decided to keep Vonn ourselves.. with opening our new bistro.. it will be a challenge, but I have more enthusiasm now than ever.. lets have some fun! y’ll are stuck with me……..

Congrats to Yavonne and the entire Vonn Jazz staff and management for continuing on and the new venture downtown! Stay tuned for many more great live jazz performances at Vonn Jazz including Jazz Master, David Liebman.

If you haven’t been to Vonn Jazz before, you can find them here:

245 East Campus View Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 431-5299

Photo of Vonn Jazz from: http://www.aoephotography.com/

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