WCBE 90.5 FM & Godman Guild Team to Bring Music Lessons to Area Teens

WCBE 90.5 FM, Godman Guild Association (the Guild), and GnG Music Instruction will join together to promote not only the fundraising efforts of WCBE and the treasure of public radio, but the mission of Godman Guild in promoting strong families and communities. For every $90.50 WCBE raises on Monday, March 21, GnG Music Instruction will donate one, two-hour music class to the Godman Guild Association for youth participating in their Teen Education & Employment Network (T.E.E.N.) program.

Numerous studies show that participating in music lessons can greatly enhance students’ ability to significantly improve their grades. Researchers point to the way music makes the brain work. According to a 2007 study conducted by neurologist Frank Wilson, M.D., musicians use approximately 90 percent of their brain while playing or singing. The study found no other activity that used the brain to that extent.

“This collaboration exposes the young people we work with to cultural activities that they would not normally have access to at school. It is also an outlet for their creative energy, which at times can be misdirected. This energy, directed by the music to a very positive expression, has the dual ability to increase the students’ self esteem and to boost their brain power” said Ellen Moss Williams, Director, Youth and Family Services at Godman Guild.

Greg Gould, owner of GnG Music explains, “Unfortunately, many school districts and local communities have had to cut back on this part of their general curriculum, and we wanted to find a way to bring music back in to a community which is likely hardest hit and in most need of the power of music”.

“Our partnership is an example of true donor driven philanthropy because it motivates our listeners to do greater good for our community. As a non-profit, WCBE is celebrating the support from our donors by making something exceptional happen for another central Ohio non-profit,” said enthused WCBE General Manager Dan Mushalko.

Godman Guild would like to express our sincerely appreciation to WCBE in the sharing of their limelight and to GnG Music for the gift of music to our neighborhood teens. “Individuals coming together can do extraordinary things” says Linda Silva, Director, Operations and Development for Godman Guild Association.

Anyone interested in becoming involved in this great partnership can do so through a donation to WCBE on March 21 by phone at (614) 365-5711 or online at www.wcbe.org.

WCBE is a catalyst for community – enriching lives by providing the best original, independent & network programming and by partnering with listeners and local organizations to grow and sustain our cultural and educational landscape. WCBE has provided superior public radio programming for residents of Columbus and adjacent areas since 1956. For more information or to donate, visit wcbe.org.

Godman Guild Association is a nonprofit human service organization serving the community since 1898 whose mission is to promote strong families and strong communities in Columbus, Ohio primarily focusing on the Near Northside. The Guild offers a wide spectrum of programs, ranging from after-school for children to employment assistance for teens and adults.

GnG Music Instruction is an Ohio based company providing private music lessons for all ages. We are a family owned and operated business whose instructors have been providing top quality music lessons for over ten years. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop each student on their individual strengths and musical interests. Every student is encouraged to develop their own style while learning the fundamentals of music theory, notation, and technique.

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