WhatYouWill Fest June 10th-12th

We are pleased to inform our readers of a brand new festival to Central Ohio coming June 10th through June 12th in Sunbury, Ohio (just north of Columbus) called WhatYouWill Festival. WhatYouWill is a three-day outdoor arts event dedicated to the art of improvisation. The setting is a beautiful rural property near Sunbury Ohio, about a 20 minute drive north of Columbus. The festival will begin Friday at 4 pm and conclude early evening Sunday. Because this festival is occurring on a private property, an RSVP is requested. Also, the festival is not free– but they are accepting sliding scale donations of anywhere from $5-10 for a day visit to $15-25 for the full weekend.

WhatYouWill will have both local and visiting artists performing, and if you enjoy live music– especially non-mainstream live music— WhatYouWill has a very strong music lineup.

Stalwart local musicians like Adam Smith, Stan Smith, Hans Utter, Hasan Abdur-Razzaq and Evan Oberla will be playing alongside world-renowned musicians including the likes of pianist Thollem McDonas, trumpeter James Cornish and saxophonist Ralph “Buzzy” Jones. For those who enjoy the work of our fine local players, this is an opportunity to hear them doing things they would not otherwise have the freedom to do in a club or bar. Full details and updates are available through the website, www.whatyouwillfest.com.

This festival is not only intended as an art experience but a restful retreat for artists and art-friendly people alike. The farm in Sunbury offers an excellent camping experience, with a swimming pool, trampoline, and oversized treehouse all available for you to enjoy* (*- use at your own risk. WhatYouWill cannot assume liability for any injuries that could occur.)

There will also be a well-reviewed food cart on site (FusionCafe) offering a range of grill food and sandwiches, including vegetarian options. It is encouraged to those planning to camp to bring picnic-type foods and non-perishables as well however. WhatYouWill will also have a portable bathroom facility and wash station on site.

WhatYouWill is a family-friendly event and is concerned not only with the presentation of original art but the very worthwhile endeavor of community-building. WhatYouWill hopes the festival can be an occasion for artists and their families, along with many other art-friendly folk, to renew old conversations and friendships and to begin new ones.

This should be an exciting and captivating new festival for live music fans and especially those fans that love live improvisation. Hats off to Gerard Cox and the crew for putting this festival together to feature some of the area’s best local musicians in a truly unique setting and format. Gerard has been helping put together some truly original jazz shows in Columbus for several years and this should prove no different.

Full List of Confirmed Bands/Musicians:

Thollem McDonas pianist and poet, Bay Area
Ralph “Buzzy” Jones- master saxophonist/woodwinds player
Stan Smith -guitarist
James Cornish – trumpeter, Detroit MI
Hasan Abdur-Razzaq – saxophonist and painter
Oblique Orchestra – sax-bass-drums trio, Cleveland OH
LA Jenkins – electric guitar,
Adam Smith – synths/drums
Gerard Cox – keys/trumpet
Dan Godston – trumpeter/poet, Chicago
Dairdre Scriven / beautyofmyland: poet/singer
N. Michael Goecke – trombone/keys
Steve Perakis –
Anthony Jacobs – flute/trombone/mandolin
KBD Collective – electronic/musique concrete, Toledo OH
Echomaker- psych hip-hop, Indianapolis IN
Doctah X – dub, electronic music
Dale Johnson – piano / piano harp
DJ True Skills – turntables
The Howse Band – surrealist intermission music (Dale, Tony, and Gerard)

More information: www.whatyouwillfest.com

Live Clips of Scheduled Performers:

Hans Utter (sitar) Jim Feist (tabla) Indian Classical Music:

Michael Carey will Join the Wizards. He takes the first solo in the below video:


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