WJZA (103.5) Drops Jazz & Smooth Jazz Programming in Columbus

Jazz and Smooth Jazz listeners of WJZA (103.5) were caught off guard last week as the station’s programming dropped it’s regular programming and switched to 1980s “classic hits”, the Columbus Dispatch reports. There has been no word of a replacement or additional jazz or smooth jazz programming in the immediate future in Columbus. This has left many in Columbus wondering: What happened to smooth jazz radio in Columbus?

“It came completely out of the blue,” said Fritz “the Nite Owl” Peerenboom, a Columbus disc jockey who had hosted a weekly jazz program on WJZA for nine years.

The station has received about 1,500 e-mail messages and 100 phone calls since the change, said Columbus Radio Group President Alan Goodman, who added that the “minimally profitable” entity struggled to retain jazz listeners.

Columbus Jazz fans can still hear jazz on the radio on local NPR station WCBE (90.5) on Sundays starting at 2pm until 6pm. We sincerely hope other local stations consider adding jazz to their programming lineup.

On a side note, we here at JazzColumbus.com would love if the new owners of WJZA would allow us to use www.ColumbusJazz.com. I know we would put it to good use. 🙂


  1. I totally agree with the previous comment. No good jazz anymore except on WCBE for four hours. Very paltry indeed and sad too. I remember in the 70’s when we actually had REAL jazz on the radio. No more!!

  2. Nothing really left on the radio for the more refined, mature listeners anymore. I guess the radio considers a four hour slot enough for us who actually listen to radio. Smooth Jazz was the only station that I listened to; it was the only one that wasn’t playing a bunch of nonsense. Well, I guess it’s back to the I-Pod and downloading music from the internet. Oh wait, according to Prince and Forbes magazine, the internet is dead. How long before they take away CD’s that are by jazz artists?

  3. man, i’ve been listening to wjza for years now, and i leave for a measly 5 weeks to take summer courses at OU, and what did i get when i came back? 80’s bullsh**! i want my kenny g back! this sucks, and as soon as i get the money, i’m constructing my own radio tower to transmit 24/7 smooth jazz.

  4. Wow! This is a big shock for me….I used to commute to Columbus daily and WJZA is what “kept me going”. I still visit quite often and would look forward to listening to the smooth jazz sounds, because it kept me mellow and made the drive easier. When Dayton lost their jazz station a couple of years ago, I thought I could depend on listening to the Columbus Jazz station to stay informed of any new jazz music. I enjoy the “old school music” of the 80’s, but for me, there is nothing like the sensual instrumental rhythms of smooth jazz!

  5. That is truly unfortunate! I am really disappointed. I have now gone a whole week without my jazz and that just isn’t right.

  6. Sorry to see Jazz go. I guess it’s teeny be-bop, hard rock or rap in cenral Ohio. Too bad …

  7. I was actually looking for Brew 105.7 metal & ’80s when I stumbled upon 104.3/103.5.
    I can’t say I was shocked about the station format change… wjza didn’t play real jazz & had poor quality programming. I stopped listening ages ago for that reason. It never was an equitable substitute for wbby, the jazz station that was here in the ’80s & early ’90s. They knew real jazz, not the faux “smooth” jazz that wjza had.
    So I will continue to rock out with the metal on the radio & listen to real jazz from NYC & Fresno online.

  8. I have missed the local program from them for quite sometime. I always said that what makes the local station any different than a stream, or sat. I think that they lost the profitability when they went to a mediocre jazz syndication format. Had they stayed with local DJ’s, promoted Jazz in the community like the old Buckeye Lake, and Wendy’s days the profits would be their. I never really thought that they where true to format, playing Michael McDonald, and the like vs, Earl Klugh, Spyro Gyro, Slim Man, Bonefide, and the like where all missing from their airways. So if someone would please put together a real jazz station in the area I know for one would be the first one back on the dial.

  9. So the best of Columbus and central Ohio’s music stations, the station with actual market differentiation, has disappointed its listeners by failing to communicate – and then failing to deliver anything but the musical equivalent of fast food. Mr. Goodman, as a radio/media exec, your ‘failure to communicate’ with the people for whom jazz is an important part of life – listeners and staff – is beyond incompetence, it is insensitive, dismissive and arrogant. Did you even wonder why stations such as KYOT in Phoenix are popular and successful? And will be even more successful because of poor leadership decisions (i.e., yours) that drive long distance listeners, such as me, to stream their music and support their station.

  10. very sad to see the station go i am truly a jazz fan who been left at the altarand for what 80’s music “please” give me a break so where do mature fine music listeners of smooth jazz go for their music the internet i guess. No warning no nothing poor mgmt to say the least. Needs to be more local dj’s local promotions such as buckeye lake, wendy’s etc. Just a sad week for jazz lovers in columbus

  11. I will miss Fritz “The Night Owl”. He blended classic jazz with many new, little known artists which greatly expanded my jazz enjoyment and awareness.

    I have a feeling Fritz will pop up somewhere on the air waves. He’s just too good to remain silent for long in this community.


  12. 103.5 and 104.3 have added redundancy, now they sound like these 10 other stations that I don’t listen to…

    WXMG 98.9 FM
    Upper Arlington, OH
    Rhythmic Oldies, Radio

    WBZX 99.7 FM
    New Rock 99.7 Columbus, OH
    Rock, Radio

    WNKO 101.7 FM
    Kool 101.7 FM WNKO – Kool Oldies Newark, OH
    Oldies, Radio

    WFXN 102.3 FM
    The Fox 102.3 Rock Pure Classic Galion, OH
    Classic Rock, Radio

    WTDA 103.9 FM
    Westerville, OH
    Classic Hits, Radio

    WCVO 104.9 FM
    104.9 The River Positive Hits Gahanna, OH
    Christian Contemporary, Radio

    WCYC 105.1 FM
    London, OH
    Variety, Radio

    WFJX 105.7 FM
    105.7 The Fox Classic Rock Hilliard, OH
    Classic Rock, Radio

    WAZU 107.1 FM
    The Big Wazoo 107.1 Rock Radio Where do you Wazoo Circleville, OH
    Rock, Radio

    WODB 107.9 FM
    Oldies 107.9 WODB – Columbus Ohio Delaware, OH
    Oldies, Radio

  13. No FM JAZZ in Columbus, Ohio Shame on you Alan Goodman, this is a sad state of affairs…………….

  14. WTH!! Go away for a week and my “sitting at my desk”, “Easy listening”, “Quiet time” music is gone. Hello satellite radio I guess.

  15. I used to sit on the porch swing every night & listen to jazz…..Now I just sit on the porch swing. Bring it back!!

  16. Unbelievable that MR. Goodman and company could take such a step without prior communications to the listeners of WJZA, thus giving us an opportunity to provide feedback. You say it was not profitable, well that may be the case, I don’t know. However, I do know that failure to communicate to your listeners, giving us an opportunity to have input is just PLAIN poor management and will continue to contributed to poor customer satisfaction and a poor revenue stream for your station. I for one intend to gather a list of your advertisers, write each one to let them know of my personal dissatisfaction and that I will no longer be listening to your station and I will not support any of your advertisers with my business! My choice and maybe one person can’t make a different, but one person can initiate change.

    Columbus fans of the previous music format of WJZA 105.3 FM, raise up in revolt! Do not support the advertiser of this station’s new format and let the advertiser’s know. Then we’ll see how profitable the WJZA station will be with this new format.

    What WJZA has done to the Columbus listening community is truly a SHAME. The new music format is now like so many other Columbus stations.

  17. My husband and I are both extremely disappointed that our beautiful jazz music is missing from our radio. WJZA played our a radio in our kitchen 24/7 never shut off even when we left for vacation. My husband listened to the station in his car and on his job sites. What makes it even more frustrating is the music that it was replaced with. Rewind… come on. You can listen to music from the past on several other stations. Bring back Kenny G, Anita Baker, George Benson and all the others. Don’t leave us in this misery.

  18. I loved 103.5. It provided me with the latest artist details and a a really good alternative to the rest of the junk music being played on the other stations. The only reason it could not be profitalbe as to be the results of poor management and management decision, which is clear given this change in format. What a waste. I would be listening to this junk either. I hope someone is able to pick-up the slack, and bring by the Smooth Jazz format

  19. Mary Clifton is EXACTLY on the mark. Very little to differentiate the new 103.5 and 104.3 from a great number of the other stations out there. What a shame! I know nothing of the radio business, but it sure seems hard to believe the station was “minimally profitable” with the number of commercials that aired. Maybe they were giving them away, who knows. No lack of commercials, but I listened through them for the smooth jazz. I have Sirius 71 “Watercolors” as an option, but it is not as good as the old 103.5.

    I wonder if the loss of the station will lead to the loss of other events? I go to the Dave Koz show every year at Christmas. With no station to promote the show, I wonder if Columbus will be dropped as a tour stop. It’s a real shame to lose the entire genre.

  20. > There were a lot of loyal listeners in the Columbus area,who love
    > Jazz Music.
    > I personaly feel disapointed that we the listining public were not
    > given any prior notice of the stations format change.
    > The new format, is more of the same to be heard on at least 10
    > radio stations in the Columbus area.
    > Listening to Smooth Jazz was my way of winding down after a hard
    > day at work.

  21. WJZA should format their Jazz programming after the “WAVE” in Cleveland…or XM’s “Watercolors”….they would certainly have MORE of a following !!!!

  22. AM all day now. Will refuse to listen to the new 103.5
    Where’s my JAZZ?

  23. No more smooth jazz I really loved listening to WJZA but not any more it was so relaxing and a nice change from the other regular stations glad I have satilite radio what’s next to be chopped.

  24. So WJZA received about 1500 emails and 100 phone calls since the format change. Well folks, that is not enough! Let’s continue to let them know of our disapointment with losing smooth jazz. Make sure all of your jazz appreciating friends do likewise. We have the beginning of a little revolution in support of a great music genre.
    How about all of you tech savy people spreading the word on facebook, twitter and any other social sites. “Rewind” is already posting how many people “like” them on facebook. How about letting them know how many “don’t like” them.
    Bring back the Night Owl!! FRITZ THE NIGHT OWL FOR PRESIDENT!

  25. It too saddens me that this radio station went in for the money and left its loyal listeners to suffer the consequences. Why is it that when you find something you really appreciate the greedy, money needy, people ruin it. The jazz community in Columbus is huge; I cannot believe there was not enough support to keep the jazz format on the radio. Somebody had an idea that they couldn’t let go, and had to ruin it for the rest. It just pushes all to satellite radio. E-mail pushes the post man out of work. Someday there will be no radio, no dj, and no jobs in radio. It will all be driven by satellite, and stupidity like this only pushes the people over the edge, encouraging its demise. Disillusioned.

  26. i cant believe wjza is gone i loved that station soooo much was always relaxing when i needed it….sad what will i do now? please come back…..

  27. give me my jazz back and set this crab on the moon, together with the guy who made it. Crab ON THE MOON!

  28. Well what they should do is to put the smooth jazz on their hd 2 chanel that they don’t have at this point. Someone call them and suggest it or get up a petition.

  29. On to the internet for true “Smooth Jazz.” WJZA just shot themselves in the foot….

  30. I lived in Columbus for 12 years, and what I missed the most about the city was the Smooth Jazz on WJZA. When I learned that there was an app through the iTunes App Store that would allow me to listen to various radio stations across the globe, I found myself suddenly reunited with WJZA!!!

    I am saddened that Smooth Jazz is no longer apart of WJZA. Needless to say, I will no longer be a lister of that station. It is truly unfortunate the horrid path that the “music” (if it can truly be called that) today is taking. Although I am 22, I grew up listening to Miles Davis, Anita Baker, Grover Washington Jr, and George Benson. Now where shall I venture to listen to these amazing artists? Why are they no longer played on the radio? Their music help to set the standard of quality and talent in music performance. Now, WJZA is just another station among countless others playing the same old talentless mess.

  31. Horrible shame…I heard on the new station that this was a 3 week temporary – which I didn’t understand. So, I didn’t really get my “panties in a bunch” until searching and searching for information after three weeks had passed. This is probably why there hasn’t been more inquiries about the 104.3, 103.5 jazz that has gone MIA. It had great content for listening while working or on a cool Friday evening just to chill.

    What is this…The Twilight Zone.

  32. I am sick to my stomoch about this! I listen to this station everyday! I thought I had changed the dial when I heard the kinds of songs that were playing! I want my jazz back! 24/7 now how will I hear about jazz events going on in the city!

  33. We are so sad that there is no jazz music on local radio. This was the only station that had laid back tunes on all day long and kept me and the family calm in the car. Please reconsider and bring the smooth jazz back to Columbus.

  34. I think it is so unfair for a city our size and the capitol city not to have a jazz station. How could you just take away jazz to your dedicated listeners? Why do you think listeners would be okay with that? We had no choice! Your choice seems selfish. We want back our JAZZ….

  35. It was a sad, sad day when I received the email from WJZA saying they were changing their format…NO MORE SMOOTH JAZZ. I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears! Has Columbus radio gone mad? What do we want or need with another “rewind” station? We have at least 10 already! But no more jazz?? This to me is not only a poor business decision but a matter of principle! Did the station manager enjoy jazz at all? What in the world is he thinking? I have listened to WJZA Smooth Jazz every morning for the past 6 years or so while getting ready for work….Ramsey Lewis and then Brian Culbertson. I listened in the car on the way to work, listened to Dave Koz in the car on the way home from work. Listened in the evenings while cleaning and relaxing. I am sick. SICK about this. Very disappointed in Columbus….jazz will surely die in this city without a jazz radio station. Some other radio station please pick up this ball and run with it! And then make it a success! You would have a huge audience of smooth jazz listeners who will support you! PLEASE JUST DO IT!

  36. Ok you had your fun! Bring back the station we loved! We need a little smooth jazz in this hectic world. Smooth Jazz was good for stress relief. I like many others miss this easy going, relaxing style of music. So, enough of what your laying down and bring the good stuff back!

  37. I am disappointed the jazz station is no longer available on radio in Columbus. There is nothing comparable to WJZA smooth jazz. The station that has replaced it is, as my teenagers say, “lame”. I disliked most of the songs the first time they came around so the “rewind” is torture. I have resigned to listen to smooth jazz on the internet when I can, and to my smooth jazz CD collection while in the car.

  38. Bring back smooth jazz and mindi abair’s chill on saturday nights. By the way…that was real slick how you waited until after the jazz and rib fest before changing the format…what a tool

  39. Can not believe this was done with out warning. I will NOT listen to the junk on WJZA. They have fallen into the bottonless pit of tallentless music that, by the way, is all around. By virtue of the fact that they are playing oldies shows that there is no good music out there. Well, disco was killed by the rockers so I guess the old rockers needed to kill Jazz in Columbus. So much for taste, other than in ones’ mouth.

  40. I spent 12 years in England listening to JazzFM, and when I returned to Ohio WZJA filled that void. I couldn’t believe that the station changed without warning. WJZA has been relagated to “average” along with every other station. In reality, I think radio stations will soon be a thing of the past, and will be replaced with satellite or internet radio exclusively. RIP SmoothJazz. You will be missed.
    Live365 will get my ear now.

  41. I have subsisted on listening to the smooth jazz station for as long as it has existed. A city the size of Columbus can’t support a jazz station? What can we, jazz lovers, do about this situation? Maybe the Dispatch could be convinced to take a poll over a period of a week or so to see how many of us are out here. I’m especially upset on Sunday evenings when Fritz hosts his show.

  42. This was terrible, terrible to replace Smooth Jazz with whatever you are playing…….OH we miss it badly. It’s horrible……glad I have XM radio and cable music in the house. Will have to take my CDs if I drive anyone else’s cars.

  43. I’m very disapointed to hear about 103.5 smooth jazz. I’ve been trying to get the station for a while and thought something was wrong with my radio. Well, I WON”T be listening to what is on there now!

  44. I am extremely disappointed. There is a huge gap in Columbus’ radio programming now. We are forced to find another means for enjoying smooth jazz. I do not like the new rewind 103.5 / 104.3……..someone needs to fast forward to smooth jazz again!

  45. Now what do I listen to in my car. When I would have a bad day I would realy look forward to the jazz station. Please bring the station back

  46. I thought there was something wrong with my radio when I couldn’t find my favorite station. The music on this rewind is a hot mess, bring back our smooth jazz

  47. I can’t believe this! I love this station! Get up one morning and it’s gone! WTF? WHY?
    It’s all about the dollar signs…what a shame. Well I guess it’s time to turn off the radio.

  48. It took years for Columnus to get a Good Jazz radio station.I have turned many of my friends who didn’t know that the style of music they really loved was jazz onto your station.Now it is gone. I am very very disappointed in the station and Central Ohio that there was not enough support to continue.You are sorely missed.

  49. I just found out about change down here in Texas. Jazz is a living breathing American Art, it will come back.

  50. Dear Columbus Folks,

    Don’t feel bad, even around Chicago the Smooth Jazz format has fallen. As you know, it’s about what the Arbitron says. They say you don’t have the ears, then you don’t have the ads, either. I just find that this idea that 2 or 3 very similar formats on 12 stations in a market as “diverse” as Columbus (Or, again, Chicago,) is rediculous. Enjoy the Same-ol-same-ol ’cause, as far as radio goes, we are white bread here!

  51. Hay stupid was it to take jazzy of the air and replace it with 1980’s music, when there is already to stations that play the same thing.105.7 and 103.9 all play 80’s music. I have been a jazzy listener for many years and mow that its gone i am left with Sunday only on 90.3 for four hours. I would start my morning off with jazzy and end it as well. we need jazzy back on the air ASAP I feel like now there’s nothing on the radio worth listening to.

  52. We lost our smooth jazz programming in ATLANTA in 2009 for the same revenue reasons. Since then, no one has picked up the format and smooth jazz concerts are infrequent. My wife and I, along with thousands of others regret this trend, but believe that if the artists will appear more often in these lost markets, the programming will reappear.

  53. I am very dissapointed to find my favorite station changed from jazz to junk..I always looked forwards to listening to the smooth jazz day and night. It was so relaxing, and really relieved stress.. I was so proud of our city featuring the best jazz station around.. Oh well, I’ll just have to continue buying cd’s… It’s a shame that everything is geared to just the younger set. My own children appreciated and loved the smooth jazz station.. We weren’t even warned. That’s some gratitude for years of loyal listening…

  54. Very very dissapointed… Shows how much Mr. Goodman respected the listening audience… We we’rnt warned, just dropped… Some of us appreciated good music. (smooth jazz).

  55. WTF, stupid idea! as if there’s not enough laaaame oldies stations, this is ass bad as the BP oil spill, with no one coming forward, and feeling responsible!!!
    u suck…(who evers responsible for the SWITCH)

  56. What the f—…. I am sitting here in Cologne, Germany trying to listen to my favourite american smooth Jazz station that I fell in love in when I visited my mate John in Columbus some years ago and now on New Years day tenthousands miles away I cannot listen to it although I feel like listening to it….it is gone. Aarrggh

    Dolphi, west germany

  57. This was the most stupid thing they could do take off Smooth Jazz !!!!!! It brought tear to my eyes. Great News for my smooth jazz friends listen to http://www.ultrasmoothjazz.com play it at home and at your office or listen to pandora.com

  58. Wow,yes this did come without warning! Believe it or not,this station set the stage for my son to appreciate Jazz at an early age. He was about 3 or 4 yrs old and I’d have the station on and tell him who the artist was. He loved it! And to this day,he is a jazz-nut! He’s turning 30 in May. The station had a format that would settle one’s nerves when in bottle neck traffic,at home in a sometime hostile atmosphere,or at the family bar-b-que;crank on the radio and the music would just make it “nice”. I am disappointed needless to say. I’m in the over 50 demographic audience. I can only take so much of the current music,gospel or the oldies,on any given day.

  59. Got hooked on smooth jazz while in grad school in Chicago. I could study and listen without distraction. I was glad when big cities picked up the format and had the frequencies memorized in cities like Kansas City and Detroit. When I moved Columbus I was glad to find a station here as well. So sad to think that the Smooth Jazz market is so small that it can’t be sustained. I now get my jazz fix on ITunes Radio under Jazz.

  60. By what I have read from all the comments we call all agree that 103.5 was more than just a radio station… It was a way of preparing for a knowing upcoming stressful day on the job… It was a way to relax after a day of stress before going home… It was to settle down our children and actually have a conversation with them before they got home and they went their way… It was station that catered to the refined mature class of people in Columbus who enjoyed the tasteful sound of Dave Koz, Miles Davis, Boney James, George Benson, and others… But more than that it was not just a radio station… It was the sound track to a mature lifestyle… In fact it was a lifestyle within itself.
    So eventhough the station is gone; the lifestyle which it inspired still lives on in each one of us who will miss our beloved 103.5 Smooth Jazz. If any one ever decides to start up another Smooth Jazz station here in Columbus you believe that you have plenty of support from an appreciative audience.

  61. The funny thing is, Aribtron and station managers seem to have forgotten basic marketing. It’s better to have 5,000 truly loyal listeners who have the station on constantly – office, home, and car – than 10,000 sometimes listeners who are tuned out and don’t care. The smooth jazz crew is very loyal and actually PATRONIZE the businesses that are advertising….can’t say that for the dime a dozen “80’s 90’s and today crowd”.

    Stop relying on what the supposed market researchers say and start paying attention to what people in your backyard are really doing. Perhaps if the station’s and network’s salespeople really grasped that, they could have sold the necessary ad space.

  62. Well time is up..those reading this. please e-mail me if you know about broadcasting..starting a station, or maybe knows a slow moving station in Columbus looking to be put out it’s missery. We the people can restart the heart of Jazz in central Ohio. I’m calling out to friends and family on facbook as well. My gaol is to have a smoothjazz station back in central ohio stronger and better. and to be the premier jazz oracle in the midwest.

  63. Thank God I have XM radio and can still listen to smooth jazz whenever I want. I was hoping to get a date on the Wendy’s Jazz festival but I guess that went by the wayside as well. Figures in this day and age that its about style, not substance. Good luck playing that 80’s garbage music. I hope your station goes to white noise before the year is out.

  64. Man oh man Columbus what a shame!!! I live in San Diego but from 05-09 I was a student at OSU and man did I love listening to the smooth jazz on 103.5. Jazz on this station was the best and the website allowed listeners find the artist we enjoyed so much. Now being in California the jazz station out here sucks so I log on the columbusjazz.com to listen online only to find some BS rewind website. I am so pissed that they got rid of the Jazz in columbus. It’s the best music on the planet…..

  65. Well, Well, Well,……….another ricky-tack top40’s “oldies” station for the “ME” generation……….ME, ME, ME!!!

  66. I was actually in the process of hooking up a homade outdoor antenna FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF TRYING TO GET THIS STATION FROM ABOUT 80 MILES SOUTH, WHEN I WAS TOTTALY CONFULSED! I set up the antenna turned the dial to 103.5 and got a crystal clear set up, only to hear Brue Springstein! I assumed it must be another channell and not the Columubs Jazz I was looking for. Now I read this, no wonder. I am in shock!

  67. If WJZA had played “real” jazz, it may have lasted a lot longer than it did. They played too much “easy listening” music. We need a “real jazz” station here in Columbus. I’m going to miss it, but we need to do a little better than before.

  68. I would like to point out that WCBE 90.5 provides jazz programming in Columbus, every Sunday from 3pm – 6pm. Jazz set is every Sunday from 2pm to 3pm.

  69. I just recently found this page looking for site that I could listen to for more than four freaking hours!!! I called that new radio station to complain and to find out who what when and where! I would listen to jazz at the end of my day and it was so calming and it really help me to unload my day at work and to leave it there! I TRULY MISS SMOOTH JAZZ and now when I am at home I listen to it on the cable station. This station is such a loss to Columbus and like previous comments I read, it was dumb for them to make 103.5 and 104.3 a 1980’s classic station when there are already several radio stations like that around. I will be on any petition list to bring smooth jazz back! PLEASE BRING IT BACK! PLEASE

  70. Wow…I was very upset when this station wasn’t on the air anymore. Me and my older sister listen to this station all the time. It’s very relaxing and it is good music. Why replace it with something already playing on the radio?

  71. It’s all been said – but worth repeating. We finally got a quality full-time jazz station and now it’s gone. Maybe enought of us could make it a campaign to get it back? I’m in!

  72. I have been an avid jazz listener for a long time.I remember when Columbus’s jazz station was WBBY 104.3. We lost it, but came back with 103.5, WJZA. Now that it’s gone, we are left with nothing. With the rich history of jazz here in Columbus, it’s not fair that we don’t have a jazz station. The Mt Vernon area in the 40’s & 50’s was alive with jazz. What a tradgey that all we have is the same type of stations up & down the dial.

  73. I am very disappointed. Jazz was the only thing I listened to 24/7. Doesn’t David Koz come to Columbus around Christmas time? And I liked the notices when and where the jazz festivals were located. How are we to be informed now?

  74. Oh well, I will getting XM set up for sure!! I dont like to rewind my time while driving if you know what i mean. Just proves how radio sucks!!

  75. For all the jazz you want and more, check out Jazz 102.1 FM, WCRX-LP. WCRX-LP is a community radio station serving central Ohio that provides news and information, wrapped up and surrounded by the best jazz in town. The station currently only broadcasts from 3am to 3pm daily, seven days a week. With luck, your help and support, programming hours might be expanded to 24 hours in the future. The station has great jazz programming with a daily show, Sax Johnson’s Mid Afternoon Music Showcase, from 12pm to 3pm, two Saturday afternoon shows, Jazz Overdue with Aaron Putnam, from 11am to 2pm and Sax’s Live Music Showcase with live performances from 2pm to 3pm, and a Sunday afternoon show, The Captain’s Quarters with Dave Streamer. The station plays smooth jazz, urban contemporary, classic jazz and many other sub genres. The station also regularly plays and features the music of local and regional musicians. More hosted jazz programming is planned. Jazz is no longer a 4 letter word, it’s a 6 letter word spelled WCRX-LP. Jazz, brewed just the way you like it! Tell all your friends and don’t let another jazz station get away! For information, call 614-235-2929; write to wcrxlp@yahoo.com or visit the website at http://www.wcrxlp.com … and tell them Sax sent you … Now, wouldn’t you just love a little Sax in the afternoon?

  76. Thanks for the tip, Sax! It just so happens that I did another random search (as
    i did every couple weeks after JZA went down) hoping to find a new Jazz station and hit the station you mentioned. The only problem is that the signal is kind of weak. It comes thru OK in my car, not very well at all on my portable and about 1/2 OK on my main AM/FM receiver. I’ll play around moving the antenna but my options are a little limited. Anyhow, I am glad to find a jazz station in the town. I don’t see how a city can claim itself to be sophisticated and not have a jazz station! While I usually don’t root for a business to go under, I have frequently hoped for 103.5 to die a dismal death for their betrayal of the jazz community. My god, like we really needed ANOTHER classic rock station in this town…

  77. I keep hoping some Columbus channel will go back to the Smooth Jazz format, but so far I’m disappointed. It was hands down my favorite radio listening station. I hardly ever turn the radio on any more because there is almost nothing to listen to. Yea, occasionally one of the dime a dozen “oldies” stations will play something I want to hear, but generally its just one song, then I go searching for something else. I find nothing, and turn the radio off. I could listen to Smooth Jazz for hours. I also discovered some new Jazz artists that I went out and bought their CDs just because I heard a song on Smooth Jazz. By the way, 103.5 sucks now, I can never find anything to listen to on it.

  78. Thats why I have my large collection of instrumental music.. over 1100 CD’s jazz new age classical and other instrumental. I used to live inColumbus for 10 years and was disappointed to hear about WJZA swithcing formats. Jazz is disappearing in America. I think it is only relegated in the mainstream to sirius and specialty radio and subscription channels. The culture is degenerating in every facet. Looks at TV, news, magazines and other forms of entertainment. Music is no different.

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