Workshop: Clave: The Key – A Rhythmic Journey from Africa to the New World

Join jazz and Latin-jazz artist Bobby Sanabria as he uses the five-beat rhythm of the clave as the “key” to unlock the roots of Afro-Cuban music and reveals the voices of the ancestors. Playing a wide variety of percussion instruments and a full drum set, Sanabria takes audiences on a poly-rhythmic musical journey through history. Influenced by history, politics and religion, the rhythms of Africa create the rich array of musical styles we now call Latin music with an emphasis on a shared musical tradition and a mutual respect for all cultures. Bringing us into present day America, Sanabria will demonstrate how the five-beat clave remains at the core of such musical styles as rock & roll and hip-hop.

Thursday, April 28 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Jazz Academy – 4th floor of the Lincoln Theatre complex
769 E. Long St. Columbus, OH

This workshop is free but space is limited so please register in advance to secure your spot. This workshop is presented by: LP, Remo, Sabian, TAMA, Vic Firth, and The Roberto Ocasio Foundation.

Registration fee: FREE!

Register online:

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